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world map overlay

Postby mromaine » 30 Mar 2010 18:58

Hi, thanks for an awesome application. Came across Gephi recently and am really loving the output.

I've got data that is country / region specific. What is the easiest way to map nodes to certain "countries" or regions on a map? My data comes from a DB so I can format a CSV, etc. as appropriate. I just haven't found much documentation on file formats and how to structure custom data into them to help Gephi render accordingly.

Any help and pointers much appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: world map overlay

Postby admin » 30 Mar 2010 19:46


You'll find all docs on file formats supported here. Our support of CSV is very basic (edge list) and can't encode associated data for now. So you have 2 options:
* exporting your data in CSV and transform it to a graph format listed above.
* directly connect Gephi to your DB and process queries (File > Import Database), but this feature is currently not well developed.
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