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Gephi Student Project

Postby abhishekgupta76 » 23 Dec 2012 17:43

Hi! I am Abhishek Gupta.
I am a second year Computer Science student at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India.
I had come across Gephi while taking an online course on Social Network Analysis by Lada Adamic on coursera.com.
Few Gephi Student project ideas have been listed on Gephi's wiki page. I have to submit a programming project in the next semester ( probably by mid February). I wish to develop a plugin for Gephi. Among the listed Ideas, one is "New Clustering Algorithm". I would like to know which clustering algorithms are useful generally but ain't available at present n Gephi. I have been doing a research internship on clustering of mixed data type under a professor in my Institute, so I am familiar with the major clustering techniques used in data mining.
Moreover, I am proficient in C++ and familiar with Java, R and Python. If possible suggest other ideas too that I might be able to do in the time span of 2 months.
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Re: Gephi Student Project

Postby mbastian » 26 Dec 2012 08:46

Hi Abhishek, welcome!

I'm willing to help you develop your plugin. It should be fairly easy to add a new algorithm in Gephi using Howto write a Metric tutorial.

One of the most popular network community detection algorithm is the Girvan–Newman algorithm. It is not available in Gephi and would be a great addition.
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Re: Gephi Student Project

Postby abhishekgupta76 » 26 Dec 2012 15:58

Thanks Mathew, I had gone through the wiki page and the research paper too. The algorithm looks interesting.. I even found a package in CRAN repository having the method implemented in R.
I have developed a test plugin following the instructions in the tutorial. Currently I am trying to get the hang of APIs like Graph and Attribute.
Moreover, would it be alright if I discuss about the development of plugin on the developer's mailing list?
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