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Problem graphs visualization

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Problem graphs visualization

Postby angelia80 » 04 May 2013 21:57

Hello I’m new with Gephi and I have a problem.
I created a graph but when I click in the "preview mode" does not see anything, my graph does not appear. The graph appear only in the "overview mode" Also, if I export the graph in the image file the nodes and the edges appear but not labels which I've added.
I attach the screenshots
what's the problem?
The image file of the graph exported
Overview mode
preview - screenshot.png
Preview mode screenshot
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Re: Problem graphs visualization

Postby francis_flavin » 05 May 2013 21:42

Try hitting the "refresh" button in the Preview Settings window. Also, make sure that your workspace has the "Preview" window opened (it doesn't look like that's the case here). To open the "Preview" window, go to the menu bar, then "Window," then select "Preview" on the drop-down menu.

Good luck!
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Re: Problem graphs visualization

Postby seinecle » 05 May 2013 21:56


To add on Francis suggestion:

the labels will not appear in your exported file if you don't select them to be visisble. The general principle is: the appearance of your graph in the preview panel is largely independent from what you see in the overview panel.

For example, you see labels in the overview panel, but if you don't select "Labels visible" again in the preview mode, the labels won't show up. So do select this.

And as Francis said, click "refresh" in the preview mode, and again to see the effect of each parameter you changed!

Hope it helps,


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Re: Problem graphs visualization

Postby cebrayton » 29 Jan 2014 14:29

I had this problem as well -- failure to display the network overview pane. The most recent software update appears to have fixed it.
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