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Data Collection Methods

Postby RonWade » 05 Jun 2013 20:20

I'm in the process of developing an electronic survey using Qualtrics (I could use Survey Monkey) and am looking for examples, samples, etc. In particular what is the best structure in order to ease the pain of export from the data collection tool and import into GEPHI.

Specifically I'm interested in network analysis related to individuals in organizational environments like hospitals who are volunteers.
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Re: Data Collection Methods

Postby seinecle » 06 Jun 2013 23:37


You need to generate a network from the data you collect in your survey. That's a conceptual step, not a technical one. I have written some slides precisely on this topic, check the presentation "Network Visualization" on this page: www.clementlevallois.net/training.html


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Re: Data Collection Methods

Postby RonWade » 07 Jun 2013 20:59

seinecle wrote:Hi,

..... That's a conceptual step, not a technical one. .....


Thank you for your reply and reference to the presentation. I have reviewed the material and found it interesting.

I think that perhaps I wasn't very clear in my initial post. My perception is that I have a technical issue on how to accomplilsh export - import in the most efficient manner.

1. Does anyone have experience using ANY online data collection instrument like Qualtrics or Survey Monkey in a manner that facilitates export to minimize data manipulation to prepare it for import into GEPHI?

2. Does anyone have samples of ANY survey that has made use of Qualtrics or Survey Monkey such that they have minimized the need to manipulate the export file to "make ready" for input into GEPHI?

3. Perhaps there is another online data collection tool that has already resolved the interface with GEPHI. This information would be valuable.

Perhaps I'm missing something that may be intuitivally obvious to others. If anyone has "done" it then a sample would be invaluable. If the answer is there are not samples that can be shared, then I'll proceed with brute force experimentation to find a viable method.
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Re: Data Collection Methods

Postby RonWade » 08 Jun 2013 15:55

I'm well on my way to solving my issues, I'm using qualtrics for data collection and have successfully created a survey with node and relationships information which when exported allows me to manipulate the data and open it as a CSV file with weighted edges and node labels.

There are a number of steps involved which fundamentally involve
    Design of an electronic question (or more than one) that puts relationship responses into separate electronic survey variables
    Export responses into a spreadsheet
    Remove unwanted columns and organize columns such that GEPHI can use the information
    Export into a semi-colon text file
    Rename the .txt to .csv
    Open the .csv directly into GEPHI

The learning curve will involve
    1. Question design in the survey instrument such that the variable will parse to be usable without a lot of manipulation externally.
    2. Labeling the responses in such a way that they can be recognized easily when exported into a spreadsheet.

Regards RLW
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Re: Data Collection Methods

Postby Nick Jones » 31 Aug 2013 00:39

Hi Ron
Have you made any more inroads into streamlining your survey for easy export? I'm aiming to do a network analysis of the relationships between doctors and allied health providers in our area and I'd appreciate a leg up.
Nick Jones
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Re: Data Collection Methods

Postby RonWade » 31 Aug 2013 02:28

Nick Jones wrote:Hi Ron
Have you made any more inroads into streamlining your survey for easy export?

The short answer is no but I've learned the steps to do. And if you use QUALTRICS to collect your data I can share the template I used for for my first successful attempt.

Ill put together a word doc on what the steps are and upload it here tomorrow.

If you have a way to; open a chat or get me an email or a phone/text we can open a dialogue. This is an interesting journey

Regards RLW
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Re: Data Collection Methods

Postby RonWade » 31 Aug 2013 23:41

As promised here are two files.
The pdf is the survey output as a PDF file. the logic of merge and loop is not depicted very well. For anyone using Qualtrics, you can PM me and I'll send the survey so that it can be imported into qualtrics and used for your own development.

The .csv is the export of the data collected and sterilized to protect the innocent (basically me) I've eliminated a bunch of columns since they are more for quantitative data use rather than SNA. However, they could be used as attribute data if desired. Should be straight forward on how to use it for those purposes

BASIC STEPS to use in GEPHI (very basic)
and BTW I don't like GEPHI for doing data manipulation, I much prefer UCINET editors, so I regularly move back and forth between the two.

1. Select the columns your going to use for your NODES and one node in each row.
note if your going to bring attributes this is the point at which you must have the right columns and headers
2. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV txt file with either comma or semicolon as field separators on each row
3. Go to the data table in GEPHI and import using the NODE tab

Your NODES should now show both in the table and the graph without any edges

A -- This is straight forward IF AND ONLY IF you have hardwired the node names and id's into your survey instrument.
B -- I didn't I allowed for dynamic entry of external node relationships (up to 5 for each respondent)

If "A" approach
1. Select the nodes and format each node for as many edge connections to other nodes one per row
I have attached a sample file showing 11 of my survey. You don't have to do the weight, but it is useful for visualization
You don't have to do a directed graph it is what I wanted and requires that you build the bi-directional relationship into the matrix

The "B" approach requires a lot more work since you have to interpret the results from the master spreadsheet. I'm looking for an easier way to do it perhaps through a matrix input in qualtrics. My problem is I don't have a lot of spare time to experiment since my dissertation is calling.

Hope this helps. If anyone wants to dialogue on this, please Private Message me and provide a method of contact. Carrying on a conversation within the forum is a serious pain.

Regards RLW
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