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Graphics Cards - iMac or Dell One 27?

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Graphics Cards - iMac or Dell One 27?

Postby FitzHistory » 22 Jun 2013 11:44

Hi All,

I'm starting to familiarize myself with SNA software and am looking into upgrading my computer as a result. I'm currently running a mid-2010 MacBook Pro 15" and was looking at keeping this as a laptop and purchasing either an iMac (and run Windows 8 through Boot Camp) or a Dell One 27.

My issue is with the graphics performance needed to produce really clean looking graphs; I'm using SNA as part of a PhD I'm starting in October and I would need visualizations to be suitable for reproduction in journals and/or (hopefully) a book. I've read elsewhere on these forums that an Nvidia GeForce 8 series graphics card is necessary because of its high anti-aliasing capabilities and subsequent ability to produce sharp, clear edges.

I rang an Apple re-seller to ask would they retro-fit such a graphics card to a new iMac but they were fairly unequivocal in stating that iMacs were built to work solely with the GeForce series 6 cards Apple installs them with at their factories. I haven't been in contact with Dell yet, so I still need to get an opinion from them.

In short, does anybody think that the difference between a 6 series and 8 series graphics card will be so huge as to become problematic down the line? I'd love to hear from someone currently running an Apple or Dell machine similar to those described above and for them to relate their experiences of using SNA software on them.

Thanks in advance for whatever help you might be able to give me on this issue.

All the best,

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