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Layout/display attributes dependent on view?

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Layout/display attributes dependent on view?

Postby Apple Cider » 28 Jun 2013 17:02

Can graph elements have different values for attributes depending on the current GraphView? I'd like for a Node's x, y, size, alpha and color to be different depending on the mode someone views the graph in. It seems like GraphView is the closest construct to representing that idea, but from what I can tell it only allows for different hierarchies.

Specifically, I've got the main view of a massive graph, with a UI to run custom metrics on the graph. The results of a metric would show in the main view, where important elements are highlighted using different sizes and colors. A sort of "Context View". I'd also like a separate view to filter the graph, only showing the important elements and using a different layout to emphasize the metric's results. That'd be a sort of "Isolated View".

I'm imagining I could store those extra attributes somehow, and have a custom view class that filters graph elements and swaps out their layout/display attribute values.

Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks!
Apple Cider
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Re: Layout/display attributes dependent on view?

Postby seinecle » 01 Jul 2013 09:27

+ 1 (I don't have a answer to that, but very interested in the question)
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