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[Solved] No netbeans.dest.dir defined

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[Solved] No netbeans.dest.dir defined

Postby flugga » 04 Jul 2013 08:09

Google returned no exact match for this error, so I thought this post could help someone some day :

I've downloaded the plugin development environment from GitHub, and the Quick Start Example worked "out of the box", but when I tried to add either a submenu or a panel to my plugin, the wizard would throw the error "No netbeans.dest.dir defined in [...]" (where [...] is the path to the project), and refuse to complete.

I finally found out why NetBeans were looking for a "dest.dir" line that should not be there in platform.properties : I'm on an Ubuntu LTS based distro and the default NetBeans package is the 7.0.1 version. If you encounter this error message, just uninstall your repo-based NetBeans and get a fresh one at netbeans.org
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