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edge weight filter error

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edge weight filter error

Postby noarappaport » 15 Jul 2013 09:10

I am trying to apply the age range filter similar to the tutorial:

FilterController filterController = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(FilterController.class);
EdgeWeightFilter weightFilter = new EdgeWeightFilter();
weightFilter.setRange(new Range(10, 20));
Query query = filterController.createQuery(weightFilter);
GraphView view = filterController.filter(query);

I get the following error:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Lower and upper must be the same class
at org.gephi.filters.api.Range.<init>(Range.java:75)
at org.gephi.filters.api.Range.<init>(Range.java:82)
at org.gephi.filters.api.Range.<init>(Range.java:87)
at org.gephi.filters.FilterProcessor.init(FilterProcessor.java:288)
at org.gephi.filters.FilterProcessor.processEdgeFilter(FilterProcessor.java:192)
at org.gephi.filters.FilterProcessor.process(FilterProcessor.java:105)
at org.gephi.filters.FilterControllerImpl.filter(FilterControllerImpl.java:237)
at graphsController.DiseaseNWgenerator.main(DiseaseNWgenerator.java:265)

What can I do ??
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Re: edge weight filter error

Postby seinecle » 17 Jul 2013 09:28


Just a random suggestion as I don't have the code live in front of me: maybe that passing floats instead of integers would do?
(either by casting to
Code: Select all
or by putting 10.0 and 20.0.


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