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Collaboration Index

Postby Kidmystic80 » 28 Aug 2013 01:46

Hi everyone,

I have an undirected graph with weighted edges. The nodes represent individuals in an organisation, and the edges represent some measure of collaboration between each pair of individuals.

The individuals are grouped into different units. I would like to measure the extent of collaboration between different units.

My sense is to define a "collaboration index" =

(Sum of weights of edges between different units)/
(Total sum of weights of all edges)

Thus, if an organisation exists in silos (I.e. no co-operation at all between members of different units) the collaboration index would be 0. On the other hand, if membership of a particular unit played no role at all in determining whom an individual works with, the collaboration index would be very close to 1.

My questions are:

(a) Can Gephi compute this for me?
(b) Are there other (better?) methods of collaboration I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance..
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