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Creating a new column with matched values from list

Computing metrics, community detection and data handling

Creating a new column with matched values from list

Postby timmaeus » 31 Aug 2013 00:06

Hi all,

I have a hyperlink graph where each node (website) includes a column called 'PolicyDomain' with an assigned variable from 0 to 45. Each of these values matches up with a string value that specifies which policy domain that website falls into (e.g. 0 = "none", 1 = "Health", 2 = "Defence", etc).

Is there a way to match the variables in the PolicyDomain column with their assigned strings? It seems that regex might be an option, but I can't divine how to use it. The formula would be something like "if {PolicyDomain == 0} then {PolicyDomainString = 'none'}". I could do this 45 times to just create a new column with all the string values.

This way I can then sort by attribute PolicyDomainString when interacting with the graph.


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