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Help with CSV import

Postby jayred » 01 Sep 2013 05:52

Hi all. I'm having trouble importing my CSV files. When I import my nodes file (sample attached), the "nodes" column contains the same contents as my "Label" column. I then go to import my edges file (sample attached). There are no errors given, but no edges are created. Help appreciated.
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Re: Help with CSV import

Postby Lee_Johnston) » 02 Sep 2013 02:16

Hi Jayred

Can i frist ask you, are you using the Toolkit or using the Application?

If you are using the Toolkit could you please post your code so i can see what way you are importing the data.

Also i notice in your Edges file you have the following targets: 22131,20322,22414,23748 pointing to 10811 (herpes zoster)

These target nodes are not listed in your Node table. From what i gather i think they need to be listed in there before you can give direction in the edges table? (Someone back me up!!)

Try adding 22131,20322,22414,23748 to your nodes table, give them a label and see if that works

I will try and look at this tomorrow for you.

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