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Node image="rectangle"

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Node image="rectangle"

Postby bruce01 » 05 Sep 2013 13:27


it would be great to be able to define a node shape as rectangle, giving the ratio of sides, ie 1:2 for x half length of y. Then this can be constrained when increasing size of node, or zooming on the graph(?)

Does this already exist with 'square' but I haven't found it yet?

Also the node="image" plugin seems to have moved, or I cannot get it anyway. Any update on the situation with this? It would make my graphs much prettier, which is half the point of the visualisation of my data=)


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Re: Node image="rectangle"

Postby seinecle » 08 Sep 2013 10:17


I would be interested in an update about the possibilites to change circles, spheres and squares into pics, or anything else: is it possible in the Overview? What does the Gephi Toolkit offer in this domain?
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Re: Node image="rectangle"

Postby bruce01 » 09 Sep 2013 01:17

Honestly, after looking into Gephi and Cytoscape for this, I think a combination of the two might yield the best results (and yield them the quickest).

You can predefine rectangular nodes (give width, height, boundary colours, boundary widths; a lot of options) in input of Cytoscape (as xgmml). So now: I make my gefx from raw data, run modularity to position nodes and degrees to size them. Export the position in graph (from modularity, works far better than Cytoscape plugins!), node size, text size etc from my Gephi graph. This goes into Cytoscape. I can then recolour by my own input, and I can display with rectangles in my output PDF using node size info from Gephi graph. I have scripts for conversion of gexf/xgmml and back if anyone is interested, please PM me.
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