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Why is Gephi so slow?

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Why is Gephi so slow?

Postby whywhywhy » 12 Sep 2013 14:58

Hi there.

I've imported a .gdf file which shows its data in the Data Lab and the preview modes. The Overview mode however is found oh so very wanting. I have looked through the fora and the .pdf guide provided, but nothings explains why Gephi never responds when I try to create a Force Atlas.
My computer should be more than able to handle this program (i7 2,0 + SSD) and I'm really tiring from looking at the useless progress bar that just keep running over and over. Why doesn't it work? Why is it so slow? What's going on?



PS: in Preview Mode: why doesn't the labels scale when I zoom in? The labels just cluster and are impossible to make sense off.

Re: Why is Gephi so slow?

Postby whywhywhy » 12 Sep 2013 15:10

Oh, you have to open the "Graph" window yourself? That's very user friendly.

Re: Why is Gephi so slow?

Postby pegerp » 12 Sep 2013 15:14

Hi whywhywhy.

Go to Tools > Visualization > OpenGL > check Show FPS and restart Gephi. That will show you how fast the overview updates. Having FPS higher than 15 is good. I tested overview with 5000 nodes and 37000 edges and it runs at about 15 FPS.

Obviously the more you have nodes and edges visible the slower the graph overview will be.

Lowering Antialiasing value in OpenGL settings might slightly improve the performance in overview. You could also try to update your graphic card drivers although I don't actually think that is the reason for slowness... with bad/old drivers it technically could be the reason though.

In Preview mode the node labels stay the same size relative to the node sizes. Try making the font smaller.

PS. Ok, it seems you solved your problem already.
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