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Running Gephi on a cloud computing platform?

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Running Gephi on a cloud computing platform?

Postby mariano.j » 16 Sep 2013 15:51

I want to work with a network that is apparently to large for my 32-bit system to handle (>0.21M nodes, >5M edges). I am using Gephi 0.8.1-beta on Ubuntu 13.04 with 4 GB RAM (Intel Core 2 Duo CPU @ 2.0 GHz).

I have previously configured Gephi to a maximum of 2400 MB of RAM on this 32-bit system (shutting down all nonessential processes and switching from Gnome to Xfce in order to free up RAM) and succeeded in working with smaller samples of my network. However importing my entire network as a GDF file of 280 MB size ultimately leads Gephi to stall. From monitoring the swap partition of my OS I assume that Gephi does not access virtual memory.

From what I found in the Wiki s.v. Troubleshooting I understand that simply increasing RAM will not solve the problem on a 32-bit architecture. Since purchasing the necessary hardware (64-bit architecture and probably >16 GB RAM) is out of question for the time being, I have wondered if it is possible to rent this hardware for computing purposes.

Picking up Clarence's question via Launchpad:
... would it be possible to run Gephi on a cloud computing platform, for example, the Amazon Cloud Computing platform, in order to overcome the need for very large RAM on the PC?
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