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adding labels bogs Gephi down

Once it's running

adding labels bogs Gephi down

Postby rotten » 23 Sep 2013 19:00

I'm running 0.8.2 beta on a MacBook. I've configured a heap of 2G.

I can load in and manipulate a 5500 node, 15K relationship graph without any issues ... until I enable display of the node labels. As soon as I do that Gephi suffers an immediate and debilitating performance degradation.

I can disable the labels, and everything returns to a pleasant responsive state.

What suggestions are there that might allow me to manipulate the graph with labels enabled? Is my heap really too small? 2G seems like plenty for a graph this big. Do I have a poor choice of font? (Tahoma 8pt) Or am I running the wrong java? (1.6.0_51)
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Re: adding labels bogs Gephi down

Postby seinecle » 26 Sep 2013 10:55

My two cents: seems like a limitation of Gephi, not a RAM issue on your side: might be that labels are particularly memory hungry, or that their positioning with a layout puts the GPU under a heavy load. Gephi 0.9 will remediate to that hopefully.
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Re: adding labels bogs Gephi down

Postby bamirian » 28 Sep 2013 04:03

Throwing hardware at this problem works. I am amazed by how well Gephi now performs on my new iMac i7 w/16GB of RAM and Fusion drive. The issue you describe, which I also experienced on my MacBook Pro is non-existent on my iMac.
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