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Displaying all attributes from .gdf file

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Displaying all attributes from .gdf file

Postby jameswagner » 02 Oct 2013 21:06


I tried to format my data in a gdf file, with each node just having an "name" and a "color" attribute:

nodedef>name VARCHAR,color VARCHAR

But then when I load the network and look at the Data Table, it only consists of the "Nodes", "Id" and "Label" columns, all of them having the same value as what I specified for the name. The color was nowhere to be found.

I also copy-pasted the following example from the website on the gdf format:

nodedef>name VARCHAR,label VARCHAR,class VARCHAR, visible BOOLEAN,labelvisible BOOLEAN,width DOUBLE,height DOUBLE,x DOUBLE,y DOUBLE,color VARCHAR
s1,'Hello "world" !',type1,true,true,10.0,10.0,-52.11296,-25.921143,'114,116,177'
s2,'Well, this is',type1,true,true,10.986123,10.986123,-20.114172,25.740356,'219,116,251'
s3,'A correct 'GDF' file',type1,true,true,10.986123,10.986123,8.598924,-26.867584,'192,208,223'
edgedef>node1 VARCHAR,node2 VARCHAR,directed BOOLEAN,color VARCHAR

But the only columns I see in the Data Table are the Nodes, Id, Label and Class columns. Likewise I am not able to filter on any of the other attributes like height or width. How can I configure Gephi such that I can see and filter for everything? I am using the most recent version of the program downloaded yesterday for Mac OsX.
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