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Labels don't display on preview for grouped nodes

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Labels don't display on preview for grouped nodes

Postby ldodds » 22 Oct 2013 15:59


I have some data in which nodes are assigned to categories. I'm trying to produce a visualisation that shows the weight of the relationships between categories.

So far I've done the following:

1. Loaded the data
2. Filtered out any nodes using the Degree Range filter (1+)
3. In the partition tab chosen by category attribute -- this allows me to colour nodes based on category, there's also a "Group" option
4. Clicking the "group" option changes the graph to only show the categories and the edges become resized, presumably based on their weight

In the main window I can adjust labels, etc. However when I switch to the preview window neither the labels nor the edges will display. Both of these are checked in the options on the left. If I try exporting then the same thing happens: I get the nodes, but no labels or edges.

Is this a known bug? I've successfully produced a number of other visualisations so am comfortable with using the UI, its just that I can't get this one to preview and export properly.

I've also had an intermittent error where grouping/ungrouping results in corrupted data -- all my data is lost in the Data Labatory and I end up with a single "null" node.


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