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ID problem with merging gephi graphs

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ID problem with merging gephi graphs

Postby djsmarshall » 22 Oct 2013 16:48

Hi all,
I'm a fairly new gephi user, and I am attempting to merge three separate graphs. I have found the other threads on this topic and have found them useful. However, the problem I seem to be having is that when I created each of the three graphs the nodes were automatically assigned ID starting from number 1 and up. Now, when I am trying to merge the 3 graphs (apending an open graph file), nodes sharing the same ID (ie node 1) are automatically merged, althrough in this case all three node 1s have different labels and are in fact different actual nodes sharing the same numerical ID. What I have is three distinct data sets, some with nodes sharing the same label (but not the same ID), and I would like to merge them to eliminate duplicate lables but not duplicate IDs. What I end up with, however, is a graph that has nodes 1-50 from graph 1, nodes 51-175 from graph 2, and nodes 175-225 from graph 3 (for example, since each of the graphs have a different number of nodes). Is there anyway to reassign IDs to nodes after they have been created, or any other way around this problem, or do I just need to start from scratch? I hope I've clearly explained the problem, and thanks for you patience with a gephi newbie.
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