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How to assign a subgraph to a container in the Gephi toolkit

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How to assign a subgraph to a container in the Gephi toolkit

Postby imriss » 11 Nov 2013 16:05

I want to use Gephi toolkit to have snapshots of a dynamic graph. However, I am not sure the approach I am using is correct. A sample code is listed below. The subGraph is the snapshot of the dynamicGraph between low and high.

A Workspace, a ImportController, and a Container are created. However, I do not know how to assign the subGraph to that container. In the toolkit examples, generate method is always used to create a random graph assigned to a container, and I have not find an example of assigning a predefined graph.

Code: Select all
Workspace workspace_new = pc.newWorkspace(pc.getCurrentProject());
ImportController importController_new = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(ImportController.class);

Graph subGraph = dynamicGraph.getSnapshotGraph(low, high);

Container container_new = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(ContainerFactory.class).newContainer();
<<missing code to assign subGraph to container_new>>
importController_new.process(container_new, new DefaultProcessor(), workspace_new);

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