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no visualization or processing of layouts

Once it's running

no visualization or processing of layouts

Postby in_my_tree » 11 Nov 2013 16:12

Hey there,

I´m a complete newbie in the use of gephi...and I fear I will remain one if I can´t fix this...

I load a Gephi file and it´s beeing opened correctly. So far so good. If I try to visualize it - eg. the force atlas layout - it starts working but doesn´t stop/visualize it in the overview window. Sometimes it gets stuck, sometimes I have artifacts of other windows in Gephi. However, the preview window seems to work.

I´m running Gephi under Windows 7x32 with the newest Java Version and Graphic Controller on a toshiba Satellite Pro U300 Notebook.

I´d really appreciate any help!

thanks und Grüße from Germany
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Re: no visualization or processing of layouts

Postby seinecle » 13 Nov 2013 21:50


Please check that you run Gephi in version 0.8.2, and that you selected in the menu Help -> Check updates.
To test your configuration, first use the "Les Miserables.gexf" file available from the welcome menu. Do you experience any issue with it?

It seems from a Google search that this brand of laptop (toshiba Satellite Pro U300) is quite old (2007 or 2008?). If so this could well be an issue with your graphic card being too old - not supporting the version of OpenGL that Gephi requires. The page specifying the requirements for Gephi says:

If your graphic card is older than 5 years, or if your laptop doesn’t have a dedicated graphic card, you may have to upgrade your hardware to run Gephi.


So that my be the issue here.


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Re: no visualization or processing of layouts

Postby in_my_tree » 17 Nov 2013 13:22

Hi seinecle,

thank you very much for your help!

I got it working more or less now, that´s what I did:

1)De-installed Gephi
2) De-installed my latest Java Update
3) Updated my graphic controllers
4) Re-Updated Java
5) Re-Installed Gephi

Than I ran the samplefile you recommended and it seems to work, although the graphic quality seems to be very low. IMPORTANT: I had to activate the GRAPH-Window in Gephi (under Windows>Graph), may be a "newbie error". Now also my workfile is beeing visualized and I finally can start playing around with the worlds fishnet ;)

Tanks again & Gruesse,
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