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nodes size in dot file

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nodes size in dot file

Postby nicpado » 24 Dec 2013 15:36

Hi all!
I've a problem with the setting of nodes size. I have a .dot file like this:
Code: Select all
graph G {
    node1 [size=4]
    node3 [size=4]

Note: _not_ all nodes have a "size" attribute, and all those nodes that have it, have the same value (i.e. 4)

So, I want that gephi displays the nodes with different size (size 4, and the default size), but this doesn't work:
1. i recast the size column (in the data lab) to an integer one
2. i can click on apply button (because - I guess - the range is setted on "4-4")

Any suggestions to resolve this problem?
And what about the recast step? I would like that, starting from a .dot file, i get - automatically - an integer size column, without do this by hand...

Thank you all.
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