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Automation of graph creation

Postby jcharles » 15 Jan 2014 19:36

Hello gephi users :)

I'd like to automate the following task with Gephi :

1. Import the edges and nodes tables
2. Run Force atlas Layout with the attraction=0.1 & repulsion=1000
3. Export a Gexf file.

The gephi toolkit seems the right tool to do that but I'm not familliar at all with Java. I only know R (statistical language)

Is it some easy way for me to perform this automation ? I checked the tutorial but I didn't understand how it works.
Does I need to install something ? t
Is there a starting script with only some parameters to change (path of the files, layout, layour parameters, ...) ?

Thanks !
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Re: Automation of graph creation

Postby pegerp » 16 Jan 2014 17:39

Hi jcharles.

Did you see the https://wiki.gephi.org/index.php/Toolki ... less_Gephi example? If Java is not familiar to you it may seem somewhat complex. However this is the easiest way you can programmatically achieve what you are looking for.

Install Netbeans and try to get the examples working. Instructions you can find at https://wiki.gephi.org/index.php/Toolkit_portal

Good luck!
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