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Setting which node is on top in overlap situations

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Setting which node is on top in overlap situations

Postby Sean_Murphy » 16 Jan 2014 02:41


I'm working with a dataset that requires node overlap so that I can show both adjusted and non-adjusted values of a variable by putting a larger, transparent node behind a smaller, solid node.

Unfortunately, I can't see any option in gephi to set which node is displayed at the front when multiple nodes overlap. It appears to be set up such that the newest nodes have primacy, but this is the opposite to how I need it. Is there any way to set this in Gephi? If not, this would be handy functionality to have.

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Re: Setting which node is on top in overlap situations

Postby seinecle » 20 Jan 2014 03:18

The z attribute controls the "depth" of the node. Positive values make a node appear on top of those with lower values. You can manually change the value of z in the edit mode (clicking on a node when the icone with the arrow and question mark is selected, makes an "edit" panel to appear).
Or you can set this value programmatically, use libraries to generate networks in the gexf format (where the z value can be set), such a rgexf or gexf4J.


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