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trouble reading in this csv

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trouble reading in this csv

Postby Priya70 » 31 Jan 2014 01:48

Hi ,
I'm pretty new to gephi but have gone through all the tutorials and cannot understand why it throws an error while importing
the edge file. I am attaching both( nodes file and edge file). ALso is there a way to read in a "distance matrix" into Gephi directly from a table?

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Re: trouble reading in this csv

Postby seinecle » 04 Feb 2014 18:16

If you open your csv file for edges using a text editor instead of Excel (I personally like Notepad++ on PC), you'll see that the weights are not formatted as they should:

Source, Target, Type, Id, Label, Weight
1, 2, undirected, 1, , 6.029434609400752265e-03
1, 3, undirected, 2, , 1.284227388931058478e-02
1, 4, undirected, 3, , 2.909325024332898302e-02
1, 5, undirected, 4, , 1.542636897557385645e-01
1, 6, undirected, 5, , 9.635722734894547337e-03

That's due to how excel converts to csv I suppose? You'd need of course something like:
1, 2, undirected, 1, , 0.006029434609400752265
1, 3, undirected, 2, , 0.01284227388931058478

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