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Make stronger weight edges stand out

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Make stronger weight edges stand out

Postby burgerking » 25 Feb 2014 05:55

I have a network graph with 100K+ edges. The nodes with stronger edges, despite being a sharper color and thicker, are stuck behind the cloud of small edges. You cannot see them unless you interact with the graph.

How can I get these stronger edges to stand out at the forefront?

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Re: Make stronger weight edges stand out

Postby seinecle » 26 Feb 2014 11:38

if you have access to programmatic means I'd suggest to save your file in a gexf format ( File -> export -> Graph, then select gexf format). Then you'd modify with a script the z attribute of the source and target nodes involved in the edges you want to place in the forefront. (The z attribute controls for the "depth" of a nodes position in the 3D visual field). This would probably not easy but worth a try.


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