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Streaming Exchange/Trading Data Visualisation Platform

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Streaming Exchange/Trading Data Visualisation Platform

Postby RadimF » 26 Feb 2014 00:27

Hello ,

I am looking for professional developer to work on Data Visualisation project ,which will recreate real time order/trade routing flow from trading systems database ,we run on some of the financial exchanges /derivative markets.
Basically it supposed to visualise and animate streaming (order/system/connectivity/liquidity /time/whatever data will be possible) data from our trading platforms and database. I would like to have visual overview of trading activity details in real time to find possible errors ,detect unknown issues ,discover hidden patterns ,to analyse data for further optimization, and other .
I must point ,that i have no knowledge in this field .Due to that some of my requirements may be naive ,unreal ,and unconsciously impossible to be done. So i kindly ask for your benevolence in such case :D

Few points:
1. possibility to choose from multiple visual designs (Not just one)
2. both 2D and 3D
3. ability to animate data in video mode
4. Possibility to integrate it with website (like web application i suppose ?)
5. If possible, i would like to have custom designed GUI as a desktop application .
6. Some examples of similar projects to understand my point better : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB5jJuMP84E ,http://www.nanex.net/CodingNxCore/JTools/JTools.html

If you are skilled developer and programmer able to figure my idea out , please let me know the complexity ,time and price for the job.

Thank You and Best Regards,


Prague,Czech Republic
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Joined: 25 Feb 2014 23:11

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