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Edges between different types of nodes?

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Edges between different types of nodes?

Postby lydiaa » 09 Mar 2014 04:21

Hi all,

If I have two general types of nodes (rather, that my nodes all have one of two options for an attribute) is it possible to see the data for how many A-A links there are, how many B-B links, and how many A-B links? Even better would be something along the lines of "X node (type A) is connected to 32 A and 13 B nodes".

I have few enough nodes that it would be theoretically possible to count by hand, but I'd rather avoid that. Any help would be much appreciated!
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Re: Edges between different types of nodes?

Postby seinecle » 12 Mar 2014 02:13

Seems like you'd need to write a bit of script for that, outside of Gephi. Any programming language (Python, Java, R ...) would have libraries to help you.


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