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Select Nodes by Size and Color them Black

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Select Nodes by Size and Color them Black

Postby magicmen » 13 Mar 2014 05:48

New to Gephi here! I have script that generates my own .gexf file that looks like:

Code: Select all
      <node id="375" label="test">
        <viz:size value="5"/>
      <edge id="1" source="375" target="380"/>
      <edge id="2" source="375" target="375"/>
      <edge id="3" source="375" target="374"/>

There are many other nodes and what I would like to be able to do is, within Gephi, select all nodes that have a size that is equal to one and color them black. I understand that I can set the color of the nodes within the .gexf file but I want to color these nodes black AFTER I have colored everything after running the "Modularity" clustering.

Any suggestions?
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