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GraphAPI source problems

Problems with getting it running

GraphAPI source problems

Postby gacchione » 21 Mar 2014 17:33

I'm probably having trouble with source control, maybe I'm not getting correct updated files. Under GraphAPI, GraphControllerImpl.java has a bug in it here:

Line 57: public class GraphControllerImpl implements GraphController {
public synchronized GraphModelImpl getGraphModel() {
Workspace currentWorkspace = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(ProjectController.class).getCurrentWorkspace();
if (currentWorkspace == null) {
return null;
.... etc more class follows

Error line 57: "GraphControllerImpl is not abstract and does not override abstract method getModel(Workspace) in GraphController"

GraphController.java has two methods named getModel() that's it.

All @override statements in GraphcontrollerImpl.java have this error: "method does not override or implement a method from a supertype"

Have one of the two files been updated with changed member names from getModel to getGraphModel or something similar. What is wrong with this picture? Thanks.
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