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Orphan Nodes

Postby JenniferCass » 06 Apr 2014 22:52


I am new to the forum, and all things gephi and networks, so my apologies if this is these are the easiest questions in the world.

1. I have am trying to calculate the % of people that don’t have any “friends” within a group I am analysing? Could anyone tell me if this is possible?

2. Also I am working with a Facebook group generated by Netvizz. As Netvizz is only allowing anonymous id labels, this is making my graph nearly impossible to read as the label/used ID's are so long and just generally jumpled. Is their anyway I can changed the labels like even to numbers, so when I am discussing it in my paper it will seem obvious to the reader which node I am talking about.

Many thanks in advance,

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Re: Orphan Nodes

Postby gruebleen » 26 Apr 2014 05:01

Is having no friends equivalent to having zero degree? If so, how about looking at the histogram of node degree distributions?
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