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Newbie mapping an organization network

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Newbie mapping an organization network

Postby tooth.gabriella » 11 Apr 2014 13:43

Hey guys,

I'm new at using Gephi but I'm working on my thesis and I was wondering about some things for what I couldn't find an answer so far.

I'm examining a student organization and 3 different types of relationships (official, professional and personal) amongst them. Each person in the organization got separate questions for the types of relationships and could name 3 peers in the order of importance. So I have different directed connections with weights on them and also different types of connections.

My questions would be:
- Can I use some kind of label in my Excel so when I import the file to Gephi, it automatically adds different colors to different kinds of relationships? (So I don't have to change the color one by one if I want to look at the whole picture of relations, where two people can have like two edges between them, one professional and one personal.)
- Is there a way to show the weights on the edges when I look at the overview of my graph?

(Plus is there any other function in the program that I probably don't even know about but it could be useful and relatively simply applicable for my research?)

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