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Network Creation and Evolution

Evolution and dynamics on networks in Gephi: UI, data formats, algorithms...

Network Creation and Evolution

Postby ChukerSweet » 16 Apr 2014 22:17

Hi there!
I'm quite new with Gephi so please pardon me if any mayor feature in my question is overlook. I'm just not sure is the software is right for me.
I realize that Gephi is quite focus on data/network visualization and indeed with some dummy networks I managge in a few minutos to get quite cool looks.
But the problem I need to study is the evolution of a rather small number of networks over time. And I need to join the visualization software with the network creation, alteration and selection program.
Does Gephi have some way of creating a build-in C workspace to build and modify the nets and then visualizing some of them?
Having to import each net manually is not very efficient and I'm kind of noob programmer. Otherwise a solution would be a matlab environment for matrix manipulation using the Gephi for visualization, all contain in a C or Pearl space.
Maybe there is some toolkit that does just that.
What I need is to create networks as matrix and manipulate them, adding nodes or taking them away in an efficient way.

btw: Matlab tools for graph are very poor and the neural toolkit is input-output orientated.

Well any advice is most welcome and thank you in advance for your time
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