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degree vs. size of ego network

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degree vs. size of ego network

Postby lanning » 13 May 2014 22:47

I am studying a directed citation network which includes about 15000 unique authors.
According to my data table, one node (Allport) has an in-degree of 24 and an out-degree of 0.
Yet when I examine Allport's 1st degree ego network, there are 100 nodes (99 citers + Allport).
Am I missing something? I thought that the number of direct links and degree should be the same. Thanks
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Re: degree vs. size of ego network

Postby Simon_St » 22 May 2014 14:12

I am really not an expert with Gephi, but I'm just guessing. Did you check whether all of those 100 edges are defined as in-degree directed? If you look at data laboratory -> edges, you should be able to see it. Maybe for some the direction is not specified and therefore there is a discrepancy.
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