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Postby admin » 09 Mar 2010 19:41

Thanks for considering joining Gephi for your summer of code project! To help us in identifying you as a good candidate, we ask that you do a few things.

But first, come here and say Hi! to the community ;)

Gephi questions
* When did you first hear about Gephi?
* What is Gephi? (say it with your words)
* Have you used Gephi before? If so, for what kind of application?
* If you have participated in Gephi previously, please describe what you've done (e.g. bug reports, questions on the forum or email, etc.)
* If you have contributed to Gephi before, please describe when and what you did (bug fixes, translations, testing, etc.)
* Why do you want to work for the project? What you expect to gain from working on the project?

About Yourself
* Short bio on your education and what brought you to the open-source development community.
* What are your skills?
* Provide your contact information: email, gtalk...
* What is your timezone?
* Describe any plans you have over the summer in addition to GSoC, such as classes, a summer job, vacation plans, master's thesis, etc.
* What programming projects have you done so far?
* Have you worked on other open source projects before? If so, please list and describe what you did.
* Please list other projects you are applying to for GSoC.

1 - Create an account on Github, fork the Gephi trunk and compile it. Follow these guidelines.
2 - Create an account on the forum and introduce yourself. We will not give formal interviews, but we will clearly favor people we have known during the selection process.
3 - Fill in this questionnaire and send it in _plain text_ to [email protected]. If you're interested in working on our suggestions, please describe your working plan.
4 – Fix one bug listed on Github or code one of the small coding task listed there . Push the code into your Github repository and request a pull. When your code is merged in the trunk, go to the next task.
5 - Once you have everything done here and we approved your idea, submit your application on Google Melange. You have to submit it before May 3 or you have no chance to get in! Read the following guidelines carefully.

We set topics for each project on the forum, ask questions here!

Writing you application
If you (as a student) have an idea, we ask you write:
* a list of milestones
* quantifiable outcomes for the Gephi project
* a detailed description / design document
* the overall approach
* an approximate schedule and some background references.

Here are a few documents (written by the Drupal and PostgreSQL teams, but applicable to Gephi) that could help you in writing your application :
* Drupal's Write a SoC application: http://drupal.org/node/59037
* Drupal's Student requirements: http://drupal.org/node/59963
* PostgreSQL: Advice to Students on Submitting SoC Applications: http://www.postgresql.org/developer/summerofcodeadvice
* WinLibre Student application description: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dd3sfdx6_6ftzfs5
* Gephi best student applications: http://wiki.gephi.org/index.php/Google_ ... _Proposals

Read some advices and official best practices.

Helder Suzuki, student in 2009 wrote:At Gephi students will have the opportunity to produce high impact work on a rapidly growing area and be noted for it.

Deadline is May 3 (see the Timeline)

To help you choosing your issue, I listed below some easy bugs to fix:


Visualization interaction

File I/O

Data Laboratory


Good luck to all the candidates!
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